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Whitepaper programming in 2022
The discussion about the death of Node.js came to life when Deno was released. JavaScript for both front-end and back-end development, and is an excellent choice for cross-platform programming.

Any JavaScript programmer may now become a successful IBM i programmer. A new team member can immediately contribute to new solutions and quickly master the platform’s other languages.

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APIs are critical to enterprises, empowering internal applications, integrating disparate systems, and providing data whenever needed. Without API, the digital economy would collapse. Business leaders must do more to protect API and the data communicated through them.

Since the main objective of APIs is to seamlessly transfer data within the organization or externally, poorly maintained APIs can become the entry points to obtaining sensitive information.

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Build Custom IBM i Applications 10x Faster with JavaScript Open page Preview for Build Custom IBM i Applications 10x Faster with JavaScript
The top two compelling reasons for businesses running on IBM i to start down the path of application and system modernization are legacy and monolithic code. But since “legacy” code has already taken your business so far, why consider a change?

If you already know you need to transform your business, how do you even get started? How do you choose a language and begin to incorporate it into your everyday development? Let’s dive into the complicated world of modernizing business built on
legacy code.

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Build Custom IBM i Applications 10x Faster with JavaScript Open page Preview for Build Custom IBM i Applications 10x Faster with JavaScript
An application programming interface (API) is an interface for software applications, and a successful API strategy can take your businesses into the future. APIs are used by software the same way people interact with a user interface for applications. Therefore, a company that knows how to implement API can significantly improve efficiency, reduce costs, and upgrade the bottom line. APIs serve as connective tissue in today’s software ecosystems.

Early adopters are already using APIs in many facets of their business. In e-commerce, APIs are used to manage inventories, suggest products and stores to customers relevant to them, and provide convenient modes of online payment. Social media platforms have exposed their APIs to allow developers to access their functionalities and integrate features into their applications. Many companies have already seen the significant role of APIs in linking businesses and technologies into efficient ecosystems.

This guide will help your organization understand how an API-centric model can create new powerful avenues for revenue growth. Download the whitepaper to learn more.

Do you have a strategic, business-focused approach to application development? The application development landscape is changing rapidly, and gone are the days where I.T. could operate independently from other departments. With the right solutions, it is possible to extend existing IT resources and avoid data silos, but only when accompanied by a solid foundation of low-code and open-source technologies.

Profound.js is the best platform on the market to help you deliver on open-source, low-code strategies. It is the number one low-code JavaScript platform for business applications.

Download this paper and learn how to build applications in a fraction of the time with Profound.js!

the cost of technical debt

It’s likely that you’ve heard the term “Technical Debt” before. But what does technical debt mean, and how does it impact your business – especially businesses that have legacy systems, like AS/400?

The most common impacts of technical debt on business are:

  • Higher total cost of ownership
  • Longer time to market
  • Reduced agility
  • Negative customer experience
  • Poor security
  • Lost revenue
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    Having trouble getting management approval for modernization projects? This Developer Kit provides you study-backed data and a ready-to-use business case template to help get your very next development project approved!

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    In this White Paper, we highlight four key factors that we believe make Node.js the future of business application development, especially if you’re on the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries).

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