Low-code Application Development

Re-imagine enterprise software development
with Profound.js and JavaScript

Profound.js is a low-code, JavaScript/Node.js solution that runs on all platforms (including IBM i) and is built specifically for developers. It is the first true, low-code platform to run natively on IBM i, with full RPG/DB2 integration, helping companies on IBM i move into the future, without losing years of IT investment. Increase the speed of application development by 10x today.

Reduce the time it takes to develop custom business applications

Ensure you find the resources needed to replace the wave of retiring RPG developers

Enable the rapid rewriting of legacy and desktop applications so they can run on any browser, any sized device and with a fully responsive design

Easily jump between low-code plugins and hand-coding, without the need to export code out of one programming paradigm into another

Quickly find new development talent to replace retiring RPG developers

Directly interfaces with systems of record on IBM i/DB2, by directly calling your existing programs and services programs

Decrease your never-ending backlog of IT projects

The application development landscape is changing rapidly.

By implementing the following two practical strategies, you now have a unique opportunity to
improve the effectiveness of your application development by as much as 10x:

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Strategy #1: Use less code

Effective developers do not code everything from scratch. Their goal is to deliver functionality and value, not produce more code.

In this fast-paced world, you can’t afford to keep “reinventing the wheel” with every project. You should instead aim to implement reusable components, packages, plugins, widgets, and tools where possible.

In fact, so many types of business applications can now be built with little to no code.

Gartner predicts low-code application development will encompass more than half of all application development by 2024.

Are you still writing code for ALL your custom requirements?

To be competitive, you should only write code for your critical and most complex requirements, while other custom development can be enabled with tools and configured with plugins.

This allows you to be more agile, get to market faster, deliver more functionality, and ultimately serve your customers and employees more effectively.

Strategy #2: Double down on JavaScript

One of the best ways to simplify any project is to reduce the number of moving pieces. In application development, this translates into using less programming languages, not more. JavaScript enables this because it is the only language capable of handling all client-side and server-side needs.

Most likely JavaScript is already part of, or even at the center of, your technology stack. In today’s world of Web, Cloud, and REST API, JavaScript is the underlying technology for everything, and it just keeps growing. You simply cannot avoid it.

Successful companies are reaping major benefits by doubling down on JavaScript and Node.js (JavaScript on the server), while reducing their investment in legacy technologies such as Java, .NET, and PHP.

And when you double down on JavaScript, it streamlines everything else – development, integration, training, hiring, and more.

Simply put, using JavaScript for application development is a sure way to greatly simplify and streamline your development efforts – something desperately needed in today’s complex IT world.

Profound.js Capabilities

Create business applications without writing massive amounts of code

profoundjs design

Design Web & Mobile Interfaces

Significantly speed up the development of new enterprise software and internal business applications by allowing IT to focus on delivering business value instead of managing the complex plumbing of development systems.


  • Rebuild desktop applications as web or mobile applications
  • Rewrite and/or modernize legacy applications with an existing database
  • Build internal tools to manage the data of a customer-facing application
  • Replacing legacy applications built on Java and .Net

Build Back-End Logic

Profound.js is built on Node.js – an open-source, cross-platform, back-end runtime environment for JavaScript that enables the development of business logic in JavaScript. Businesses such as Netflix, PayPal, NASA and LinkedIn use Node.js for building high-performant, highly-scalable, enterprise applications.


  • Visual drag-and-drop business logic development
  • Scalable, multi-user, database-driven applications
  • Easily switch to fine tune the code if necessary

Deploy Seamlessly

  • One-click deployment to IBM i, your other servers, or the cloud
  • Any relational database of your choice (new or existing) such as MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, MariaDB, IBM i Db2, etc
  • Data from multiple sources
profoundjs collaborate


  • Cloud-based collaborative development or native installation on IBM i
  • Graphical and terminal-based source control interfaces based on Git (GitHub integration built-in)
  • Easily tap into the thousands of Node.js packages that are freely available on npm, the open-source package manager for Node.js

Develop JavaScript-Powered IBM i business applications today