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The fastest way to unlock your IBM i data & business logic to build API’s with easy-to-use, low-code/no-code solutions
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Without a good API strategy and reliable, easy-to-use, API development and management tools, organizations are missing the opportunity to properly integrate applications and leverage data that is scattered across disparate data silos.  

Keep your team competitive with integrated UI modernization, new app development, and API creation to ensure that IBM i and non-IBM I systems communicate seamlessly and are secure, flexible, and portable.

Profound API allows your business to:

Decrease the cost and complexity of creating and maintaining API, while increasing the effectiveness of application development by including API as a foundational piece of building business applications

Stay competitive and increase business agility by leveraging API to connect end users to critical business data anytime, anywhere

Have one simple, easy-to-use, no-code API solution for both RPG and non-IBM i developers

Profound API extends the capabilities of Node.js to handle any type of service, easily integrate NPM packages, and build logic into the module that you call from IBM i programs.

Future proof your business and ensure your applications stand the test of time by leveraging JavaScript technologies, modern API development standards and automatic documentation of all business critical API development

Create new business opportunities and open up new streams of revenue by easily and seamlessly integrating IBM i with non-IBM i systems, like Salesforce, AWS, and more

Eliminate negatively impactful data silos by easily integrating disparate applications and connecting departments across the entire organization


Quickly replace your EDI with API

Interested in seeing Profound API in action? Implementing API into your AS400 machine is easier than ever. Check out Brian May’s detailed technical series to learn how to get started.

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