Minor Update: Profound Logic Releases Android Mobile Client App Version 2.9.0

by | Apr 12, 2023

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Profound Logic, an IBM i technology partner for business modernization and futurization, has recently released a new Android mobile client app version. 

The most relevant update in this new release is that the app now targets Android SDK 32, which represents Android 12. Although it may not affect users directly, it’s a necessary update that makes sure the app is compatible with the latest Android features.

The update also includes two small bug fixes: the first, related to the scrolling feature of the app, caused specific screens larger than the device display to become “unscrollable.” The second involved certain devices where the top and bottom content would get cut off.

Additionally, the Cordova platform and all Cordova plug-ins have been updated to the most recent versions, improving device compatibility and fixing bugs. These plugins allow customer JavaScript code running in rich display screens to access mobile device hardware to perform various functions such as read barcodes, take photos, access GPS, and vibrate the phone.

Overall, the new version of the Android mobile client app is a substantial update that improves the app’s functionality and compatibility with the latest Android software and hardware.

Visit the app store to ensure you have the latest version. Need help with business modernization or futurization? Check out Profound Logic or fill out our contact form, and one of our experts will reach out to you shortly.

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