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If your technology can’t bend, it will eventually break. Profound Logic futurizes your IBM i AS400 tech stack so you can seamlessly transition into the demands of tomorrow.

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Most IBM i/AS400 teams are so busy keeping the lights on that they struggle to find time to prepare for the future.

That’s where we come in.

Futurization: To bring into the future or make state of the art

The 3 pillars of futurized tech are connectability, adaptability, and speed.


Open new pathways for integration, insight, and growth.


Untether applications from the limits of legacy code.


Launch custom apps that deliver business results faster than ever.

Our businesses

rely on the IBM i

platform for 90%

of their


Legacy platforms shape the applications of the world.

Profound Logic futurize the legacy platforms for seamless transition into the demands of tomorrow.


Of third-party apps do not use green screens


Develop applications in-house
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